Economics Program Internships

Internship is an application study designed to see the application of vocational knowledge received in undergraduate education in working life and in accordance with the guidelines stated in time, duration and subject within the teaching process. Economics majors must carry out two compulsory internships named as Economics Internship 1 and Economics Internship 2 in sequence.  

The total duration for each internship, which can be done in public and/or private sector institutions in Turkey or abroad, is 20 working days. Internship procedures (applications, insurance and other administrative procedures) are conducted electronically by the Central Internship Unit in accordance with the Student Affairs Department. The principles, which have entered into force with meeting of the University Senate dated July 4, 2017 and numbered 655, apply to Economics program internships (see the link below).

Link: Internship General Guidelines

Link: Economics Internship Guidelines

Frequently asked questions related to internship and their answers are listed below. If you have a question different from the ones below, you can contact

Frequently Asked Questions
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Question 01: Are internships compulsory in the Department of Economics?

  Answer 01: Yes. Internships are compulsory .

Question 02: How many internships are there in the Department of Economics?

  Answer 02: There are 2(two) internships.

Question 03: What is the duration of each internships are in the Department of Economics?

 Answer 03: Each internship is 20(twenty) working days.

Question 04: How can I register for the Ninova internship class?

  Answer 04: Students who register on the portal and send an e-mail to the Department Internship Commission for Appendix-1A approval are added to the Internship Ninova class.

Question 05: What should I do after creating an internship record from the Portal?

  Answer 05:
a) Before the internship
i. Internship applications must be submitted at latest 15(fifteen) days before the internship starts.
The Student Internship Contract and Internship Application Form (Appendix-1A) which are produced during the application are approved by all authorities and are sent by the student at least 6(six) days before the internship starts. It is uploaded to the system via web address.
For Appendix-1A approval, students must contact with
Internships of students who do not receive the necessary approvals for Appendix-1A and contract documents before the start of the internship are not accepted.
ii. Occupational safety training must be completed online or formally from the Workplace Health and Safety Unit.
iii. After approving the relevant documents, The Central Internship Unit issues the SGK employment statement and sends it to the student and the company electronically from the registered contact information.
b) During the internship
i. The Internship Start Form (Appendix-2) must be filled in, approved by the company and uploaded to the internship module by the student through the portal within the first 5(five) days of the internship.
c) After the internship
i. Internship Completion Certificate (Appendix-3) must be signed by the company within 5(five) days after the end of the internship and must be uploaded to the internship module by the student through the portal.
ii. Original signed copies of the student agreement, Internship Application Form (Appendix-1A), Internship Work Schedule, Internship Start Form (Appendix-2) and Internship Ending Document (Appendix-3) must be uploaded to the "Homeworks" tab of the internship class registered in the Ninova system, together with the internship report.

Question 06: Do I have to deliver the hardcopy of my internship report?

  Answer 06: No. It is sufficient to upload the internship report with all the attachments to the Ninova system as a single merged PDF file.

Question 07: Can I do an online or hybrid internship?

 Answer 07: According to the statement disclosed by the ITU Rectorate, “Due to the end of the Pandemic Period, the compulsory internships to be held after the summer of 2022 must be done in-person, not online as during the Pandemic. However, when the company where the student will do the internship works remotely or hybrid and the nature of the work to be carried out during the internship is suitable for online work (excluding internships in the field or production facilities), online internships will also be accepted with the approval of the department internship commissions. Therefore, students are required to send an e-mail explaining the content and details of the internship they will do for hybrid or online internships to the department internship commission together with the APPENDIX-1A documents.

Question 08: Can I do a half-day internship on days when I have classes or exams?

 Answer 08: No. Internships cannot be done on days with classes or exams. This rule also applies to online courses and internships.

Question 09: Can I do more than one internship in the same company?

 Answer 09: No. Students are not allowed to complete more than one internship in the same company, even if the department is different.

Question 10: Can I do an internship during the semester?

 Answer 10: Yes. Internships can be completed during the semester, provided that it is at least 3(three) days a week on non-class/non-exam days. Students who want to do internship during the semester should send an e-mail containing the internship work schedule (from the Portal) and a screenshot of the course schedule, together with the Appendix-1A documents, to the Department Internship Commission.

Question 11: What should I do in case of not being able to complete my internship?

 Answer 11: According to the general principles of ITU Internship, you can use compassionate leave for 10 percent of your total internship period. In order to change the date or cancel the internship for which the application has been made or started, the conditions specified in the ITU Acceptance of Excuses and Execution Exams must be met. In this case, the student must apply to the ITU Faculty of Management for the cancellation of the internship, together with the excuse.

Question 12: What should I do to be able to change the date of my internship?

 Answer 12: If the internship has not started yet, students must apply for a help ticket( to the Central Internship Unit and submit the issue and get approval for the new dates. In order to change the date of the internships that have started, the student must apply to the ITU Faculty of Management.

Question 13: What should I pay attention to when writing my internship report?

 Answer 13:
i. The internship report is a document in which each day of the internship is written separately. Therefore, the internship report must be at least 20(twenty) pages. In the report, any two days during the internship cannot be explained on a single page.
ii. The language of the report must be English. Reports written in Turkish will be rejected .
iii. Each day of the internship must be described in at least 3-4 sentences .
iv. While writing the internship report, the formal draft must be used. The draft is available in the "Class Files" tab of the internship class registered in the Ninova system.

Question 14: When can I submit my internship report at the latest?

 Answer 14: For summer internships, the report must be submitted within 1(one) month at the latest from the start of the following academic year. For internships during the semester, it must be submitted within 15(fifteen) days following the end of the internship. Students at the graduation stage must submit their internship report at least 15(fifteen) days before the internship deadline specified in the academic calendar.

Question 15: I have included the public holidays when I was creating my internship calendar, but the company where I did my internship is closed on public holidays, what should I do?

 Answer 15: It is the student's responsibility to plan according to public holidays while organizing the internship calendar. If the total number of internship days is below 20(twenty) , students cannot submit their internship reports.

Question 16: Can I do more than one internship in the same period?

 Answer 16: After the 1st internship report is fully uploaded to the system and approved, students can apply for their 2nd internship in the same term. However, it is essential that the student follow-up the documents and inform the Department Internship Committee at the right time for the approval process. Students cannot start their second internship before the first internship is approved.

Question 17: Are there any restrictions regarding the company/department where I will do my compulsory internship?

 Answer 17: The enterprises and institutions where economics department internships will be held may operate in public or private sector, at home country or abroad. Before starting the compulsory internship, each student is obliged to notify the Department and the Internship Commission, together with the Appendix-1A document.

Question 18: Are the internships of the students who have registered in a Double Major Program valid in the Department of Economics?

 Answer 18: The internship of the students who have registered in a Double Major Program, are accepted in the Economics Department, provided that the documents related to the internship are submitted and the content of the internship is appropriate.

Question 19: How can I check that whether my internship has been approved?

 Answer 19: Internships whose reports are accepted are recorded in the Old Student Information System (Banner;
Only students whose report is requested to be corrected are contacted.
Notification e-mails are not sent to students whose reports are accepted.
When your internship is approved, it will appear on your transcript in the Old Student Information System (Banner;