Başlık Tarih Konuşmacı Kurum Bölüm Özet Tam Metin
On Surplus-Sharing in Partnerships 2014-09-12 Ozgur Kibris Sabanci University Economics
Behavioral Biases of Individual Investors: Evidence from an Emerging Market 2014-09-19 Neslihan Yilmaz Bogazici University Management
Introduction to Eurostat 2014-09-26 Sencer Ecer, Aysegul Kayaoglu Yilmaz, Mine Durmaz ITU, ITU, BETAM Economics
Reserve Requirements, Liquidity Risk and Credit Growth 2014-10-10 Selva Demiralp Koc University Economics
Default and Prepayment Modelling in Participating Mortgages 2014-10-17 Yusuf Varli Borsa Istanbul Research
Volatility Spillovers and Dynamic Interactions between Stock Markets and Bond Markets in the PIGS Countries 2014-10-24 Bulent Guloglu Istanbul Technical University Economics
Trust and Delegation: Theory and Evidence 2014-10-31 Nurullah Gur Istanbul Commerce University Economics
BIST Prediction using Multimodal Data and Feature Selection 2014-11-07 Zehra Cataltepe Istanbul Technical University Computer Engineering
Ex-ante versus Ex-post Proportional Rules for State Contingent Claims 2014-11-14 Sinan Ertemel Istanbul Technical University Economics
Designing a leaky bucket: Meltzer and Richard (1981) with endogenous inefficiency in redistributive institutions. 2014-11-21 Haldun Evrenk TOBB University Economics
Free to Cruise: Designing a Market for Tradable Taxicab Cruising Rights 2014-11-22 David Seymour Boston University Economics PhD
Intergenerational Disagreement and Optimal Taxation of Parental Transfers 2014-11-28 Hakki Yazici Sabanci University Economics
Credit Augmented Taylor Rules in a Small Open Economy with Financial Frictions 2014-12-05 Enes Sunel Central Bank of Turkey Research
Firm Size and Import Content of Production 2014-12-12 Mehmet Fatih Ulu Central Bank of Turkey Research