2018 Semester Undergraduate Thesis

All undergraduate theses must include econometric analysis.

Name Surname Title
Arda Can Aktürk Does Airline Connectivity Increase Schedule Padding?
Aslı Nur Altıniş Determinants of Vehicle Sales: The case of Turkey
Nazlıcan Aydın The Effect of Unbundling on Natural Gas Prices: Evidence from Turkey
Erdi Başaran The effects of barriers on trade between Turkey and the EU
Ela Güven Effect of Airline Mergers on Service Quality
Selin İplikci The Change after UberX Cuts Price in the Demand for Yellow Taxicabs in NYC
Elif Kadı Why is Unemployment High in Turkey?
Simay Karabulut Income Inequality and Homicide Rates: A Cross-National Analysis
Mehmet Oğuzcan Kervancı Understanding the Factors behind the Innovation Activities of Turkish SMEs: A Firm-Level Empirical Analysis
Hanife Martin The Effect of Macroeconomic Conditions on Loan Performance: Analysis of the Turkish Automotive Financing Market
Burcu Reyhan Ok Factors Affecting the Purchase Decision of Consumers based on Brand Perception of Personal Wash Category in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector in Turkey
Üsame Özbek Explaining FDI Influence to Turkey and Effects to Economic Growth: A Sectoral Level Analysis
Fırat Sükuti The Birthday Effect in Turkish Football and Its Economic Impact in the Long Run
Ozan Can Türkmen An Analysis of the Relationship between the Exchange Rates and Stock Prices in Turkey: A VAR Approach
Nilüfer Sueda Uludağ The Effect of Unemployment on the Gender Distribution in Unpaid Work Time Allocation
Ali Ustaoğlu Explaining the Factors Behind Prices in the Second-Hand Car Market
Melisa Ülten The Effect of Weather on Delays in the U.S. Air Transportation
Sena Ürker The Effect of US Import Tariffs on the Exports of China
Merve Yaldız Gender Wage Gap in Turkey
Dilara Yalınkılınç An analysis of Energy Consumption inCommercial Buildings: Evidence from Multiple Regression Estimates