2015 - 2016 Spring

Başlık Tarih Konuşmacı Kurum Bölüm Özet Tam Metin
Comparing Orders, Rankings, Queues, Tournaments and Lists 2016-02-10 Burak Can Maastricht University
Funding Policy and Teaching Quality in Higher Education 2016-02-12 Tom McKenzie University of Dundee
On the Double Taxation of Corporate Profits 2016-02-15 Orhan Erem Atesagaoglu Stony Brook University
TBA 2016-02-17 Laingo Manitra Randrianarisoa Laval University
Vagueness in Multi-Issue Proposals 2016-02-18 Qiaoxi (Jackie) Zhang Caltech
TBA 2016-02-19 Mesut Hakki Casin Ozyegin University
Business Cycle Accounting: A Cross-Country Comparative Analysis 2016-02-26 Ceyhun Elgin Bogazici University
Shadow Banking, Capital Requirements and Monetary Policy 2016-03-03 Fatih Tuluk Washington University
Does Partisan Alignment Affect The Allocation of Intergovernmental Grants? Empirical Evidence from Turkish Municipalities 2016-03-04 Yasin Acar Bilecik Seyh Edebali University
REITs, Growth Options and Beta 2016-03-11 Doğan Tırtıroğlu Kadir Has University
Off-the Steady State Dynamics in a Classical Convergence Analysis 2016-03-18 Aykut Lenger Ege University
Determinants of Foreign Investment in Europe 2016-03-25 Ceylan Onay Bogazici University
Optimal Fiscal Policy with Idiosyncratic Risk in Human Capital 2016-03-25 Moustafa Chatzouz Warwick University
A Time-Varying True Individual Effects Model with Endogenous Regressors 2016-04-01 Levent Kutlu Antalya International University Economics
Official Price Indices in the Turkish Real Estate Market 2016-04-08 Timur Hülagü Central Bank of Turkey
Financial Literacy & Credit Card Arrears 2016-04-15 Guzin Gulsun Akin Bogazici University
Spatial Econometrics 2016-04-20 Anil Bera University of Illinois Date & Time: April 20, 2016, Wednesday, 2:30PM. Location: Room E302
Education Policies in a Context of Brain Drain 2016-04-22 Ayşegül Kayaoğlu Yılmaz Istanbul Technical University Department of Economics
Electricity Supplier Switching: A Conceptual Model Based on Migration Theory 2016-04-29 Anıl Savaş Kılıç Ernst & Young
TBA 2016-05-06 İnci Gümüş Sabancı University
TBA 2016-05-13 TBA TBA
Valuation of healthcare innovation: a decision analytic valuation model for the assessment of the economic value of an innovative medicinal product 2016-05-25 Mark Nuijten // Date and Location: Wednesday 10.30 am F-235 A2M