Başlık Tarih Konuşmacı Kurum Bölüm Özet Tam Metin
A Comparative Analysis of Macroprudential Policies 2015-01-16 Yaprak Savman University of York Economics PhD
Import Competition and Technological Changes: Mobility of Workers and Firms 2015-01-27 Selva Bahar Baziki Uppsala University Economics PhD
Indian Labor Regulations and the Cost of Corruption: Evidence from the Firm Size Distribution 2015-02-04 Amrit Amirapu Boston University Economics PhD
Design and Implementation of Optimal Natural Resource Management Systems 2015-02-06 Serkan Kucuksenel Middle East Technical University Economics
Ballots and Bullets as Complementary Tactics 2015-02-09 Yasemin Satir Boston University Economics PhD
Income Inequality and Sovereign Default 2015-02-10 Zeynep Sefika Kabukcuoglu University of Pittsburgh Economics PhD
Continuous-time Contracting with Ambiguous Perceptions 2015-02-12 Martin Dumav European University Institute Economics
Multidimensional Second-Price and English Auctions 2015-02-13 Seungwon Jeong Stanford University Management Science and Engineering PhD
Public Education Funding: Foundation System vs. Power Equalizing System with Property Taxes 2015-02-16 Cenk Cetin University of Iowa Economics PhD
Coworkers, Networks, and Job Search Outcomes 2015-02-18 Perihan Ozge Saygin University of Mannheim Economics
Is Informality a Barrier to Convergence? 2015-02-20 Ceyhun Elgin Bogazici University Economics
Corporate Investment in Swedish Family Firms: Do Investment Horizon and Diversification Level of Family Owners Matter? 2015-02-25 Naciye Sekerci Lund University Business Administration PhD
Trade Costs and the Two Globalizations: 1827-2012 2015-02-26 Jules Hugot Sciences Po Economics PhD
Resale in Second-Price Auctions with Costly Participation 2015-02-27 Okan Yilankaya Koc University Economics
Dynamic Reserves in Matching Markets With Contracts: Theory and Applications 2015-03-03 Bertan Turhan Boston College Economics PhD
The Object Allocation Problem with Random Priorities 2015-03-06 Mustafa Oguz Afacan Sabanci University Economics
Optimal Delegation of Sequential Decisions: The Role of Communication and Reputation 2015-03-13 Levent Kockesen Koc University Economics
The Role of Uncertainty Avoidance in Foreign Investment Bias 2015-03-20 Burcu Erdogan University of Trier Economics
Price Discrimination through Multi-Level Loyalty Programs 2015-03-27 Murat Usman Koc University Economics
Interfield Comparison of Academic Output by Using Department Level Data 2015-04-03 Tolga Yuret Istanbul Technical University Economics
Techno-economic aspects of deployment of mobile broadband networks - The value of spectrum and pros & cons of network sharing 2015-04-10 Jan Markendahl Royal Institute of Technology Economics
The Leap of the Tiger: How Malaysia Can Escape the Middle-Income Trap 2015-04-13 Fuad Hasanov IMF
Childcare Subsidies and Household Labor Supply 2015-04-17 Remzi Kaygusuz Sabanci University Economics
Bank Regulation under Fire Sale Externalities 2015-04-24 S. Mehmet Ozsoy Ozyegin University Economics
Auctions with Resale under State Uncertainty 2015-05-08 Mehmet Oguz Karahan Bogazici University CEE
Stigma Dilution and Over-Criminalization 2015-05-13 Murat Mungan Florida State University Law
Chinese College Admissions and School Choice Reforms: Theory and Evidence 2015-05-15 Onur Kesten Carnegie Mellon University Economics