Dear All,

The midterm-makeup, quiz-makeup, and final-makeup exams for EKO201E will be held on Monday, 22nd of January, at 10:00 in INB(İnşaat)-A204 room simultaneously

If your application for multiple makeup exams are approved, you will take only one makeup and your single grade will be replaced with your multiple missing makeup grades.

To take the midterm-makeup and quiz-makeup, your application must already be approved by your faculty.

Since there is not enough time to receive the faculty decision between the final exam and its makeup, you can take the final-makeup by BOTH applying to your own faculty AND sending your documents to Please be aware that we will ONLY grade the exams of those who submit their excuse documents to their faculties and receive a positive decision.

We strongly suggest that you submit your documents to your faculties as soon as possible to avoid any delays in the decision process.