EKO201E Final Grades 2023 Summer

by Zeki Akyol | Aug 15, 2023
Dear Students,

If you applied for EKO201E makeup exam to your own faculty, please also send a copy of your application to eko201e@itu.edu.tr as soon as possible.

You can find your EKO201E final grades below:

Best wishes!

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The Department of Economics, located at Maçka, a vibrant and central location of Istanbul, offers unique programs in economics that excel both in the theory and the practice of economics with the goal of producing world class and globally competitive economics majors at the undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. levels.

The Department of Economics at İTÜ plays a central role in channeling İTÜ's vast technical expertise of 240 years to micro- and macroeconomic policy-making. To achieve this goal, the Department employs in its teaching and research activities a multidisciplinary approach including joint workshops, seminars, guest lecturers and projects with İTÜ’s basic science and engineering departments. Field expertise of departmental faculty parallels this mission and includes Development Economics, Education Economics, Energy Economics, Health Economics, Industrial Organization, and International Trade.