Date Name Institution Title
Sept 19 (Monday) Ruben Juarez University of Hawaii Sharing sequential benefits in a network
Sept 30 Mete Han Yağmur Istanbul Commerce University “Why monetary policy makers are concerned about exchange rate stability: an alternative explanation”
Oct 7 Quentin Stoeffler Istanbul Technical University Indirect protection: the impact of cotton insurance on farmers' income portfolio in Burkina Faso
Oct 14 Arnaud Dragicevic Istanbul Technical University Dynamics in games and networks
Oct 21 Insan Tunali Koç University Rescaled Additively Non-Ignorable (Ran) Model Of Generalized Attrition
Oct 28 Resmi Tatil (Official Holiday)
Nov 4 Mehmet Ali Soytas Özyeğin University What is the Source of the Intergenerational Correlation in Earnings?
Nov 18 Sinan Sarpça Koç University Does School Matter? Estimating Value-Added at Highly Selective Schools
Nov 25 Ozgur Demirtas Sabanci University Downside Beta And Equity Returns Around The World
Dec 2 Eray Yücel Bilgi-Hacettepe-Ozyegin Performance of Inflation Targeting in Retrospect
Dec 9 Burçay Erus
Boğaziçi University Out of Pocket Health Expenditures in Turkey in the Aftermath of the Reforms
Dec 16 Murat Yılmaz Boğaziçi University Dynamic Voluntary Contribution to a Public Project under Time-Inconsistency
Dec 23 Bora Erdamar
Bahcesehir Universitesi
Referenda Mechanisms with Bonus Votes: Theory and Experiment
Dec 28 Timothy Kiessling
Bilkent University

Strategic Global Human Resource Management: Current Diliberations and Future Research